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With respect to the attack on Vicka, Skunk came over to discuss what had happened and what could be done about it. He determined that SCUL didn't have a suitable mechanism for handling this sort of issue, and that it would have to be handled no differently from how it would be handled if SCUL was not involved, including going to the police if necessary. During the discussion, he seemed to waver with respect to whether he thought the situation could be resolved acceptably without involving the legal system, but had no ideas for things he could do to help either personally or through his position in SCUL.

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I'm Vicka's spouse, and have seen her interact with her partners and their partners, as well as other people in relationships of various sorts, for 13 years now. These have included relationships she has liked and relationships she has not approved of; relationships where she has liked both people and ones where she has liked only one; and relationships she has thought were a good fit and ones she has thought were not workable. In no case have I seen her try to break up a relationship, even when she thought it would be better for both people involved, and regardless of whether she liked the people or not. I have seen her try to do a whole lot to support other people's relationships. At times, I think she's done too much to support unworkable relationships, where the people involved would not be able to come to a mutally acceptable agreement and could have been saved a lot of angst and recrimination by giving up sooner.

I have never seen her happy at anyone else's misfortune. I've sometimes seen her happy about a breakup when it led to the people being happier, but this was in response to her friends doing better. At times, she's been privately glad when she thought someone could start the healing process from a bad situation, even though the person was not yet feeling better, but only when she thought the change would ultimately be good for the person.

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The Valve project to produce a native Linux port of Steam runs into a snag:
gcc portal.a -lalsa -lXext -lX11 -lGL -lm -lsocket -o portal
glados.o: In function `graphics_3d':
portal/glados.c:1542: are you kidding
portal/glados.c:1543: theres no way im linking with that
portal/glados.c:1547: youre only going to release `half life' anyway
portal/glados.c:1550: theyll cancel this project at the last minute
glados.o: In function `defenses':
portal/glados.c:2590: fat chance
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [portal] Error 1
make: *** Deleting file `/usr/lib/libGL.so'

Shortly thereafter, Valve announced: "There’s no Linux version that we’re working on right now."

Chump 85

I hate you and I think I love you
You might wonder why I act this way
I don't know but I feel it happening
And it's really fucking killing me

Well, maybe it's just jealousy

(words by C Valerius Catullus, music by Billie Joe Armstrong)

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Lugete, O Veneres Cupidinesque
et quantum est hominum venustiorum:
Lingua mortua maxime latina est.
Quae necavit Romanos nunc necat me.

They might be... zippers?

In the afterlife
You could be headed for the serious strife
Now you wear the gold lame
But tomorrow there'll be purple toupee

People listen to a story from camp
I mean about some Selma tramp
I used to wonder LBJ what was for
But it turned out he could wax the floor

When you feel down
It'll turn your brain around
Now you wear the gold lame
But tomorrow there'll be purple toupee

This was a place where books were kept
A gun was fired, and a Cuban wept
There was another item in this list
But if I mumble it'll never be missed

When you feel down
It'll turn your brain around
Now you make the scene all day
But tomorrow there'll be hell to pay

Hell to pay!

(Tune change)

Hell to pay!

Hell to pay on the last day when teeth and bones are ground
Hell to pay when cakes are passed around
Hell to pay and skin to flay will crush your fortunes down
Hell to pay and skin to flay

Hell to pay and you're there to stay
Your beauty and talent have gone away
Fame and money have left you in the grave


We're on some kind of mission
We can spell damnation
You're gonna have to pay

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This year, at the Red Sox home opener, the ceremonial first pitch was thrown by Bill Buckner. Dwight Evans, having caught the pitch (for a strike), nearly rolled the ball back to the mound for Buckner to keep as a souvenir, but thought better of it and handed it to him instead as they walked off the field.

Note to Claude Julien: you've just barely gotten an underdog Boston team into the playoffs, and despite falling behind early in the series, managed to get to Game 7. There's a reasonable chance that you'll find yourself ahead in 2/3 of the way through the game. If so, you must, no matter how much confidence you have in him, follow this simple rule, which fans would never forgive you for ignoring: don't let Pedro play when he's tired.

In response to David Ortiz's grand slam on Friday, the Yankees have decided not to auction off the jersey they dug out of the new Yankee Stadium, but instead to put it back before July 3rd, when they next play the Red Sox.

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If you don't want git operations to take 10 seconds each, don't configure your system to do this:

10:55:34 sendto(3, "\307\304\1\0\0\1\0\0\0\0\0\0\ttimesink\n\5svana
\3net"..., 37, MSG_NOSIGNAL, NULL, 0) = 37 <0.000159>
10:55:34 poll([{fd=3, events=POLLIN}], 1, 5000) = 0 <4.995564>
10:55:39 poll([{fd=3, events=POLLOUT, revents=POLLOUT}], 1, 0) = 1
10:55:39 sendto(3, "\307\304\1\0\0\1\0\0\0\0\0\0\ttimesink\n\5svana
\3net"..., 37, MSG_NOSIGNAL, NULL, 0) = 37 <0.000130>
10:55:39 poll([{fd=3, events=POLLIN}], 1, 5000) = 0 <4.999161>
10:55:44 close(3)                       = 0 <0.000111>
10:55:44 open("/etc/ld.so.cache", O_RDONLY) = 3 <0.000066>